Signage: Why, and How? | Signs, Banners, and Graphics in the Pacific Northwest

A Business Without A Sign

Sign : Any medium, including its structural and component parts, which is used or intended to be used to attract attention to the subject matter for advertising, identification or informative purposes.

Why Signage?

As you’re setting up shop, you become increasingly aware of all of the tiny expenses it takes to run a business. Especially when it comes to your branding.

Branding is more than just the logo and colors you choose, branding is ultimately the way that your business effects the senses of the public. It is your message, your personality, the vision, your experience, your feel, your smell, your “sound”, the way the business “tastes” to your prospects and clients. It is the words, the emotions, the colors, the flow, the information, the layout, the vendors you work with, the clients you represent, and the life of your business. It is you, in business form – like your heartbeat, your dreams into a living being. It is what creates their memory and recall of your business, the connection and attachment that builds loyalty. It is how you’re recognized. Your branding is your “special sauce”.

And branding is your signage. Your signage, whether it’s in your windows, on your shop, on the road, or in the community, is your first face to your potential clients.  Beyond the obvious statement of “This is where my business is located”, your signage can be that 2 second impression that can make or break the sale. Is it compelling enough to get them through the door?

If you’re debating signage for your business, remember the saying above – “A Business Without a Sign is a Sign of No Business.” This can be a large part of your marketing plan.

Signage can be your first form of merchandising, and one of the most important. It’s always working for you, a constant visual reminder of your business’ presence.

Simple Signage


What makes a great Sign?

1. Remember to Keep It Simple. 
Be concise. The best signs communicates its message in the shortest amount of words.

2.  Color Consideration. 
If you have a specific target client, or product that your sign is advertising, the colors you use can play a big part in it’s effectiveness.
We also often forget that some color combinations can be hard to read. General rule of thumb, stick to contrasting colors.

3. Keep it Positive, and On Brand. 
You want people to think the best of your business, so put the best out there. Use words you want associated with your business.

4. Design Elements
Choosing the right fonts, graphic elements, and even material for your signs can improve it’s effectiveness. Signs that can easily be read from the road, or are visible at night are successful; Signage that can continuously look new and to be able to withstand changing weather conditions with minimal maintenance is important, too.

Hanging Banners


Maintaining Your Signage

A-Boards/Most Outdoor Signage
Cleaning your signage will largely depend on the media you’ve chosen. Most can be wiped down with water and a mild liquid detergent, then dry thoroughly.

Many sign codes already require that A-Boards be brought in during off hours or in snow emergencies; This also helps maintain the life of your board. Store in a dry place away from heat sources, bright lighting and areas of high humidity.

Again, this will depend on the media chosen, and how it was finish-treated. Banners can be cleaned using water, or a water-diluted liquid detergent. Make sure to completely dry your banner before storing. Roll your banner image side out, and store in a tube. As with most printed products, store away from heat sources and bright lighting, and areas of high-humidity (or with risk of leaks). Whatever you do, just don’t fold your banner. Those creases may never come out!

While displaying your banner, clean it regularly using a soft cloth to help maintain the color, vibrancy and luster of it’s design.


What Kinds of Signs are there?

A-Boards (sandwich boards), banners, wall graphics, wall murals, barricade graphics, billboards, campaign and yard signs, floor graphics, point-of-sale graphics (just to name a few!) are forms of signage you can utilize to market your business.

Barricade sign


Important Information about Signage

Most cities have sign ordinances or codes, and permitting procedures. Before designing and ordering your signage, make sure you research what applies in your area. We’ve put together a few local resources for sign code:

Redmond, WA

Bellevue, WA

Kirkland, WA

Woodinville, WA

Everett, WA

Seattle, WA

Washington State Sign Control


Ready to Order your Signage?

We can help you with design, choosing colors & materials, even finding the right words to convey your message. Whether you’re looking for something simple, or something completely out of the box, give us a call. We’d love to work with you on your next project. 800-511-1859, or email us now.

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